Paklydeles širdys 1999

A police sergeant and a congresswoman both lose their spouses in a plane crash, and they soon discover that their spouses were having an affair with each other.

All Titles
  • US: Random Hearts Random Hearts
  • AR: Destinos cruzados Destinos cruzados
  • BR: Destinos Cruzados Destinos Cruzados
  • BG: Иронии на съдбата Иронии на съдбата
  • CA: Les hasards du coeur Les hasards du coeur
  • DK: Tilfældige hjerter Tilfældige hjerter
  • FI: Oikukkaat sydämet Oikukkaat sydämet
  • FR: L'ombre d'un soupçon L'ombre d'un soupçon
  • DE: Begegnung des Schicksals Begegnung des Schicksals
  • DE: Schatten des Verdachts Schatten des Verdachts
  • GR: Paihnidia tis tyhis Paihnidia tis tyhis
  • GR: Παιχνίδια της Τύχης Παιχνίδια της Τύχης
  • HU: Zuhanás Zuhanás
  • IL: Ahava Mikreat Ahava Mikreat
  • IT: Destini incrociati Destini incrociati
  • MX: Juegos del destino Juegos del destino
  • NO: Tilfeldighetenes spill Tilfeldighetenes spill
  • PL: Zagubione serca Zagubione serca
  • PT: Encontro Acidental Encontro Acidental
  • RO: Ironia sortii Ironia sortii
  • RU: Паутина лжи Паутина лжи
  • RS: Slučajno zaljubljeni Slučajno zaljubljeni
  • SI: Nemirna srca Nemirna srca
  • ES: Caprichos del destino Caprichos del destino
  • SE: Stulen lycka Stulen lycka
  • TR: Gerçegin pesinde Gerçegin pesinde
Directed by Sydney Pollack
Artists Harrison Ford
as Dutch Van Den Broeck
Kristin Scott Thomas
as Kay Chandler
Peter Coyote
as Cullen Chandler
Release date 08 Oct 1999
Genre Drama Mystery Romance
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