Burys 1986

A young soldier in Vietnam faces a moral crisis when confronted with the horrors of war and the duality of man.

All Titles
  • US: Platoon Platoon
  • AR: Pelotón Pelotón
  • AU: Platoon Platoon
  • AT: Platoon Platoon
  • BR: Platoon Platoon
  • BG: Взвод Взвод
  • CA: Platoon Platoon
  • CA: Platoon Platoon
  • HR: Vod smrti Vod smrti
  • CZ: Četa Četa
  • US: Četa Četa
  • US: Čata Čata
  • DK: Platoon - Kamp-patruljen Platoon - Kamp-patruljen
  • EG: Fasileh Fasileh
  • EE: Rühm Rühm
  • FI: Platoon - nuoret sotilaat Platoon - nuoret sotilaat
  • FR: Platoon Platoon
  • GR: Platoon Platoon
  • HU: A szakasz A szakasz
  • IR: Jukhe Jukhe
  • IT: Platoon Platoon
  • JP: Puratôn Puratôn
  • MX: Pelotón Pelotón
  • PE: Pelotón Pelotón
  • PL: Pluton Pluton
  • PT: Platoon - Os Bravos do Pelotão Platoon - Os Bravos do Pelotão
  • RO: Plutonul Plutonul
  • RU: Взвод Взвод
  • RS: Vod Vod
  • SK: Čata Čata
  • SI: Vod smrti Vod smrti
  • US: Взвод Взвод
  • ES: Platoon Platoon
  • SE: Plutonen Plutonen
  • TR: Müfreze Müfreze
  • UA: Взвод Взвод
  • UA: Platoon Platoon
  • US: The Platoon The Platoon
  • US: Platoon Platoon
  • UY: Pelotón Pelotón
  • US: Platoon Platoon
Directed by Oliver Stone
Artists Johnny Depp
as Lerner
Charlie Sheen
as Chris
Oliver Stone
as Alpha Company Major in Bunker
Release date 06 Feb 1987
Genre Drama War
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