Astuonkojis Dipas 2017

In 2100, when humanity has abandoned the earth, a colony of extravagant creatures still thrives in the deepest abyss of the ocean. Deep, an adventurous "dumbo" octopus and the last one of ...

All Titles
  • ES: Deep Deep
  • BG: Дийп Дийп
  • CO: Deep el pulpo Deep el pulpo
  • HR: Oto: Istraživač dubina Oto: Istraživač dubina
  • CZ: Příšerky pod hladinou Příšerky pod hladinou
  • DK: Sprutte Sprutte
  • FI: Lonkku Lonkku
  • HU: Csápi: Az óceán hőse Csápi: Az óceán hőse
  • IL: Deep va'kha'verim ba'yam ha'gadol Deep va'kha'verim ba'yam ha'gadol
  • IT: Deep - Un'avventura in fondo al mare Deep - Un'avventura in fondo al mare
  • JP: ディープ ディープ
  • LV: Zemūdens laikmets Zemūdens laikmets
  • MX: Deep el pulpo Deep el pulpo
  • NL: Diep in de zee Diep in de zee
  • NO: Blekken Blekken
  • PE: Deep, el pulpo Deep, el pulpo
  • PL: Dudi: Cala naprzód Dudi: Cala naprzód
  • PT: Deep: Aventura no Fundo do Mar Deep: Aventura no Fundo do Mar
  • RO: Deep: O aventura nesfarsita Deep: O aventura nesfarsita
  • RU: Подводная эра Подводная эра
  • ES: Deep Deep
  • SE: Blackis Blackis
  • TR: Dipdip: Bir Okyanus Macerası Dipdip: Bir Okyanus Macerası
  • VN: Biêt Dôi Biên Xanh Biêt Dôi Biên Xanh
Directed by
Artists Bob Bergen
as Ralph (voice)
Terri Douglas
as Extras - Female (voice)
Dave Fennoy
as (voice)
Release date 15 Jan 2018
Genre Animation Adventure Comedy Family
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